Season 1

Series Trailer: What to expect

Solidarity Is Not A T-Shirt: Coronavirus, Loststock and #PayUp with Ayesha Barenblat

Fashion Has A Racism Problem with Aja Barber & Salamishah Tillet

Feminist Fashion: Emancipation Or Exploitation?

Actions Make Movements: Labour Organising (Part 1)

It Starts With Respect: Labour Organising (Part 2)


Season 6

Lydia Morrow: Sustainable Fashion and Inclusivity

Jessica Quinn: Overcoming Cancer + Disability Visibility

Kenny Ethan Jones: Internal Periods + Long Distance Relationships

Jillian Lavender: Slowing Down For Optimum Productivity, Ayurveda + Meditation

Xiye Bastida: The Indigenous Immigrant Leading The Youth Climate Movement

Sarah Bentley (Made In Hackney): Feeding Those In Need

Pattie Gonia (Wyn Wiley): Bringing Drag + Activism Outdoors

Kimberley Wilson: Flattening The Curve Of Anxiety

Natalie Fee: How To Save The World For Free + Plastic Free Periods

Melissa Hemsley, Rachel Ama, Max La Manna (LIVE PANEL): The Green Kitchen

Florence Kollie Raja: Environmental Politics + Ethical Fashion

Damon Gameau: What Could 2040 Look Like?

Jack Monroe + Max La Manna: Low-Waste Cooking On A Budget (Live At Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival)

Daze Aghaji: Regenerative Culture, Extinction Rebellion + Freeganism

Season 5

Dr Rangan Chatterjee: Healthy Habits For A Full Life

LIVE PANEL: Sustainable Life Swaps For A Big Impact

Amelia Freer: Kind Nutrition

Aja Barber: Planet Vs Privilege

Venetia La Manna: Answering Your Emails

Alice Aedy: Extinction Rebellion + Eco Anxiety

Richie Bostock (The Breath Guy): How To Heal Yourself By Breathing

Elizabeth Day: How To Re-Frame Failure As Success

Grace Hazel: Orgasms, Self Pleasure & Free Bleeding

Dr Rupy Aujla: Which Vitamin Supplements Should We ACTUALLY Be Taking?

Emma Cannon: Fertile For Life

Sarah Wilson: Anxiety Is Your Superpower

Max La Manna: More Plants Less Waste

LIVE PANEL: How To Embrace Ayurveda For A Holistic Holiday Season


Swatee Deepak: Is Fashion A Feminist Issue?

The Slice: Plastic Free Produce with Charles Pelletier + Fitness For Life with Niko Algieri

Laura Thomas: How To Get Your Life Back With Intuitive Eating

Rachel Ama: Diversity In The Vegan Movement

Livia Firth: Is Sustainable Fashion For the Privileged Only?

Michael Miller: Can Meditation Save The Planet?

Chris Smalling: Being a Plant Based Footballer

Dr Anita Mitra: Stop Cleaning Your Vagina

Lucy Siegle: Turning The Tide On Plastic + Slowing Fast Fashion

How To Trust Your Gut + Achieve Your Dreams

Jack Harries: Do You Have To Be Vegan To Be An Environmentalist?

VEGANUARY SPECIAL (LIVE): Kim-Julie Hansen (Best Of Vegan) + Gaz Oakley (Avant Garde Vegan)


How To Manage Stress & Anxiety At Christmas, with Dr Robin Hart

Venetia Falconer (Interviewed by Melissa Hemsley): The Food Journey

Emma Gannon: Working Less + Creating More

Lucy Watson: Why Everyone Will Be Vegan

Tony Riddle: Finding Your Feet & Re-Wilding

Adrienne Herbert: Making Each Day Count

Jack Monroe: Cooking On A Bootstrap

Julie Montagu: Going With The Yoga Flow

Professor Charles Spence: The Psychology Of Food

Gaz Oakley (Avant Garde Vegan): Taking Vegan Mainstream

Prue Leith: Food Heritage And Cooking For The Future


Dr Rupy Aujla (The Doctor’s Kitchen): Food As Medicine


Jada Sezer: Diversity and Body Positivity

BOSH! Building A Viral Food Business


Emma Cannon and Dr Anita Mitra: Food & Hormonal Health (LIVE)

The Happy Pear: The Recipe For Happiness

Derek Sarno: Wicked Healthy

Dolly Alderton: Highs and Lows of Love + Food

Jasmine Hemsley: Ayurvedic Living


Anna Jones: Eating Seasonally


Roz Purcell: Model Diets & Letting Go Of Food Guilt

Max Lowery: Intermittent Fasting & Cold Water Therapy

Melissa Hemsley: How To Eat Happy

Dr Giles Yeo: How Genes Impact Our Relationships With Food & Obesity

Zanna Van Dijk: How To Live Consciously


Tom Kerridge on Losing Weight as a Michelin Starred Chef (Live in Edinburgh)


Rhiannon Lambert: How To Re-Nourish Your Body

Ella Mills: The Evolution of Deliciously Ella


Laura Whitmore: Christmas Craic

Carly Rowena: Gaining Confidence and Getting Gorgeous

Niomi Smart: Thriving On Plants

Madeleine Shaw: Being Private in Public

Patrick Drake (Hello Fresh): How To Start A Food Business

Alice Liveing: Living A Balanced Life

James Duigan: Ditching The Diet

Dr Hazel Wallace: Nutrition & The NHS

Sassy Gregson-Williams: Turning Ballet Into A Business

Jody Shield: Iowaska & Mindful Eating

Clara Amfo: Radio, Running & Red Velvet Cake

Shona Vertue: Being A Woman In The Fitness Industry

Joel Dommett: Jungle Cravings & Cross Fit